Bee safety tips as it gets warmer

It is not uncommon to find beehives on your property or in a common area near your home.

The relocation process gently vacuums away the bee population and relocates the colony so that honey production and food pollination can continue.

If a hive is spotted in a common area, please contact the Ranch Offices at 480.513.1500. We will notify the maintenance team to have the hive relocated and instruct security to post a “Bee Aware” sign to identify the hive location.

The Ranch Association partners with AZ Queen Bee. Residents may want to use this service or a similar non-destructive method for removing an unwanted colony from their property.

For additional information, contact The Ranch Offices at 480.513.1500.

Learn more about AZ Queen Bee on page 6 of the Sept. 2020 issues of Ranch News.