Bell94 Sports Complex Open

Supply issues and staffing shortages delayed construction by several months, but the City of Scottsdale’s Bell94 Sports Complex is officially open for use. Formerly referred to as the Bell Road Sports Complex, the six lighted fields are hosting soccer and lacrosse games and tournaments. Located on the northwest corner of Bell Road and 94th Street, Bell94 is state-of-the-art.
Sustainability and cost savings both played a role in the facility’s design. The LED lighting requires 35% less energy than lights on other fields in Scottsdale and the fully shielded design minimizes spillage and glare. The fields are watered with reclaimed water, not drinking water. Mikey, the City’s new automated robot, has been programmed to paint the fields lines, freeing up three city staff members for other tasks.

Walkers and runners can enjoy more than 2 miles of paved paths. One path wraps the perimeter of the Complex while others meander through the fields. The building onsite has an outdoor patio that offers spectacular views of the McDowell Mountains and pubic restrooms. Dogs are allowed on leash, with owners responsible to remove pet waste.

For more information, or to reserve a field, call Scottsdale Parks and Recreation at 480.312.7529.