Historic Committee Application

The DC Ranch Community Council Historic Committee seeks hands-on volunteers who want to capture, preserve and share DC Ranch’s story. Committee activities may include:

  • Receiving, cataloging, archiving, inventorying, and showcasing video, collateral, stories and photographs that capture the evolution of DC Ranch;
  • Conducting video and written interviews, taking before and after photos, and other projects;
  • Creating a material management program for both tangible and electronic historical materials including archival, storage and inventory management;
  • Overseeing time capsules and other activities related to DC Ranch anniversary celebrations;
  • Creating activities, including asking for and collecting donated materials;
  • Serving as a resource for inquiries about DC Ranch’s history;
  • Providing educational opportunities (lectures, articles, etc.) for residents to learn about DC Ranch’s rich legacy;
  • Facilitating, coordinating and/or supporting projects that foster an understanding of the DC Ranch story, such as a timeline (online or at a DC Ranch Community Center), historic trail markers, etc.

This committee is advisory to the Council Board and works directly with Council staff. The committee may have up to ten members, including a youth member, 2/3 of which must be DC Ranch residents. Terms are three-years and staggered to promote consistency on the committee. Youth member must be under 18 and serve a one-year term (volunteer hours will be signed off on, if requested). Meetings are at least quarterly. Chair is a Council employee as designed by the Executive Director.

The ideal committee member will be passionate about capturing and sharing DC Ranch’s story in a positive, engaging manner. Skills in photography, inventory, archiving, storytelling, writing, presenting, group dynamics, videography and/or interviewing are desired but not required.

Please submit your application by Aug. 1, 2022.