Scottsdale Civic Center renovations

Construction work is set to being in mid-October on a $27.3 million renovation of Scottsdale Civic Center, which was approved by voters in the 2019 Bond Election.

A construction fence will go up around the perimeter of Civic Center beginning Oct. 11. and construction will begin on Oct. 18. Scottsdale Civic Center will be closed for approximately 15 months and reopen in January 2023, but buildings adjacent to the Civic Center area will remain open for business and access to buildings will be provided during construction.

During the first four months of the project, construction crews will be working on tree salvage, demolition and waterline construction. For public safety, the area will be completely closed to public use, including to pedestrian traffic. As construction progresses, the contractor will evaluate providing possible pedestrian access at various locations throughout the site but only if it is safe to do so. Information will be provided as it becomes available.

In September, Scottsdale Public Art removed 10 sculptures from Scottsdale Civic Center in September 2021. Some works were permanently moved to different city-owned locations while others will be stored at secure city facilities until they can be re-installed at the Civic Center following the renovations. Additionally, two of the pieces will undergo restoration work before they are returned to the Civic Center. For additional details on the effected art works please visit Scottsdale Public Art.