DCR2025 Strategic Plan

DCR2020 was DC Ranch’s first strategic plan. Launch in 2016 with the intent of being completed by about 2020, eight Standing Principles (the foundation of the strategic plan) and six Strategic Initiatives (focus areas) were developed with hundreds of tactics. It was very ambitious but almost all the tactics were accomplished. View the principles and initiatives identified in DCR2020.

The intent for DCR2025 is to refresh the plan. Rather than starting over, the current Strategic Initiatives are being tested to see if they are still valid, if they still resonate 5 years later and what should be the focus for the next 3-5 years.

As with DCR2020, a crucial initial component of the process was getting resident input. The input sessions were administered by Doug Griffen, Advanced Strategy Center (ASC). Each session was a professionally facilitated, virtual, short (one-hour) interactive session with other residents. The on-line format allowed us to gather a great deal of good information in a short timeframe. Each session 60-minute session was based on a common agenda with similar questions that allows session results and feedback gathered to be consolidated into like-topics. Over 100 residents participated in seven sessions offered in mid-February.

In addition to resident sessions, three other group sessions were held in April including stakeholders, DC Ranch internal team and a joint session with the Ranch Association and Community Council Boards.

After the sessions, ASC will produce the overall results so that we can begin formulating strategies and tactics. Check back for updates and more information throughout the year.

Contact Community Engagement Director Jona Davis with questions.