Public Affairs

One of the DC Ranch Community Council’s responsibilities is to engage in public policy advocacy for the benefit of DC Ranch by identifying and monitoring matters that may positively or negatively impact the DC Ranch community-at-large. The Council’s goal is to be a positive and contributing member of the Scottsdale community in a way that enhances DC Ranch’s desirability while supporting the city’s vitality.

After the DC Ranch Community Council Board has evaluated a matter, including determining its impact on the community as well as gathering and considering relevant resident and stakeholder input, the Council Board may decide to take an official position on behalf of DC Ranch.

DC Ranch Council staff will proactively communicate and share this position and any related message with DC Ranch residents and businesses as well as any other agencies as appropriate.

Read DC Ranch’s Framework for Engagement for Public Policy.

The following links provide residents and stakeholders with information about matters of interest in and around DC Ranch.

Development of Land east of Pima at 101

In March 2022, 120 acres of land that abuts DC Ranch was sold. The developer plans to build large warehouses that will attract semi-truck traffic. Other options may be possible with a zoning change.

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Development of Northeast Corner of 94th Street and Bell

The City of Scottsdale auctioned approximately 40 acres of land on Bell Road in March 2022. The land abuts DC Ranch’s southern border at the Desert Haciendas neighborhood and development will be monitored.

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Sky Harbor NextGen Flight Patterns

In 2014, the FAA adopted NextGen Flight Patterns at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. While the greatest impact was in Phoenix, this change resulted in new Sky Harbor air traffic over DC Ranch.

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DC Ranch Neighborhood Park

The City of Scottsdale has no plans to finish the park by funding and constructing Phase Two. The Community Council feels that DC Ranch residents will be better served with the entire park developed.

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City of Scottsdale 2019 Bond

The DC Ranch Community Council will monitor the bond program as it moves through the public process. If appropriate, the Community Council may develop a position on the bond on behalf of the DC Ranch community-at-large.

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Construction Projects

A look at construction projects in and near DC Ranch.

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Reata Wash Flood Control Project

The Reata Wash Flood Control Project is a capital improvement that if built, would construct channels, culverts, levees, floodwalls and bank stabilization improvements to provide 100-year flood protection.

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Arizona State Trust Land

Several large and small swaths of State Land are located near DC Ranch.

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SUSD Land at Copper Ridge School

In 2009 the developer of DC Ranch deeded 19 acres of land adjacent to Copper Ridge School to the Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD).

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