Community Patrol & Gate Access

DC Ranch provides 24-hour community patrol through a third-party contractor, operating 23 gates throughout the community and two patrol vehicles. A third patrol vehicle is used for the path and trails during normal business hours. The Dispatch and Command Center at the West Gate location is linked to over 100 continuous live video feeds overseeing gates, pedestrian underpass crossings and other remote entry points. Members of the DC Ranch Patrol staff, Account Manager and supervisors are Emergency Medical Response certified, which can act like first responders and can provide on-scene first aid, CPR, AED and other minor medical services. However, for life threatening situations or imminent danger, call 911 immediately.


Important Numbers

Emergencies: Dial 911
Non-emergency Police Dept.: 480.312.5000
Scottsdale Fire Dept.: 480.312.8911
Dispatch/Command Center: 480.397.9659

Patrol 1: 480.338.8477 (Country Club Village, Desert Camp Village)
Patrol 2: 480.338.8478 (Silverleaf Village, Desert Parks Village)
Patrol 3: 480.371.9315 (Parks, Paths, and Trails)

Town Halls with Scottsdale Police

Scottsdale Police representatives have held two town halls with residents of DC Ranch and nearby communities. They have shared an overview of the home break-ins, measures currently in place to monitor activity and tips for securing your home and how to support their efforts in solving these crimes.

Jan. 18: View recording and presentation.

Feb. 27: View recording (meetings starts at the 20 minute mark)

Home Security Tips and Resources

If you observe suspicious behavior or something that is out of place, call the Scottsdale Police Department’s non-emergency number of 480.312.5000, or 911 if you see an active crime in progress. DC Ranch Community Patrol and Gate Access (CPGA) does not respond to or investigate crime.

  • Alarms are a deterrent to criminals and also offer earlier notification of potential problems.
  • Cameras assist with evidence gathering and crime prevention. Some allow real time monitoring or the capability to hear and speak to people on your property.
  • Exterior lighting or motion lights deter criminals. Leave random lights on in the house to prevent it from looking vacant.
  • Lock car doors and don’t leave valuables in plain view.
  • Secure all valuables within the confines of your home or garage. Leaving items outside can result in them being stolen and/or calling attention to your home. Make sure garage doors are closed when not in use. Open garages are among the leading access points for burglaries.
  • Neighborhood Watch programs encourage neighbors to look out for each other and share information.
  • Vacation Watch is offered by both Scottsdale PD and DC Ranch Community Patrol and allows them to make checks on your property while away.

If you would like a personal security survey conducted on your residence, please contact Officer Robert Katzaroff of the Foothill’s District Crime Prevention Team. This is a free service provided by the Scottsdale Police Department.

Community Safety Forum

The annual Community Safety Forum was held on Oct. 25, 2023. Residents  joined the City of Scottsdale Police and Fire Departments for an educational discussion on emergency preparedness, learning about evacuation planning in the instance of fire or flood and taking home new strategies to support personal safety and community wellbeing. Click on the links below to watch each presentation.

Community Patrol & Gate Access: Scope of Services and Committee Initiatives

Scottsdale Police: Foothills District Update

Scottsdale Fire/Emergency Management: Ready, Set, Go!

Gate Access

Transponders can be purchased and installed at East Gate between the hours of 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, and by appointment from 3 to 8 p.m. Purchase of transponders on Saturday and Sunday is by appointment only. Complete the Transponder Request form to expedite this process and schedule your appointment with a Gate Access agent at East Gate by calling 480.473.7506.

Vehicle must be present to obtain transponder. Windshield tag transponders are $25. If preferred or if a vehicle is not compatible with the windshield tag, residents may purchase a headlight tag transponder for $35. Smart-pass and license plate transponders are no longer available. Sub-association transponder acquisition will remain the same.


  • Parcel 1.12, 1.15/1.16 and T.5: Transponders are only programmed Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Parcel 2.04: Transponders are issued by the property manager (Trestle Management)
  • Parcel 2.08: Transponders are issued and installed at East Gate, but programmed by Safeguard (1 business day turnaround)
  • Parcel T4B Lots 30-31: Transponders are issued by ICON Gatehouse

Community Patrol-Related Services

Adding/Removing Guests

Call the gatehouse, visit or download the GateAccess app. If you are a new resident, submit this form to request a user account.

Contractor Gate Pass

Builders and tradespeople must have a valid gate pass for entry. Submit Form

First Aid/ Medical Response

Call Community Patrol Dispatch at 480.397.9659 for minor assistance.

Garage Door Alert

Community Patrol will call and email residents with open garage doors from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Grant an Authorized Person

Use this form to grant access to an additional resident, contractor, property manager, realtor or caretaker. Submit Form

Lost & Found

Items are collected nightly. Contact the Windgate Gate at 480.342.9095.

Lost Pets

Call the Community Patrol Dispatch & Command Center to report a lost or loose pet at 480.397.9659


Deliveries of most packages may be accepted; check with the gatehouse for exceptions.

Parking Exemption Form

Grants up to three days of street parking for guests. Parking exemption requests must be submitted a minimum of 72 hours in advance. Submit Form


Patrol services provide complimentary doggie waste bags and leashes.

Photo ID

Submit photo for identification purposes at the gatehouses. Submit Form

Snake Removal

Call Community Patrol Dispatch at 480.397.9659 for assistance and removal.

Selling your Home

Authorize realtor for access; Community Patrol will confirm showings with the listing agent. Submit Form

Vacation Notification Form

Community Patrol conducts perimeter checks while residents are away. Submit Form

Verbal Validation Code

Submit four-digit code in lieu of photo I.D. Submit Form

Vehicle Assistance

Call Community Patrol Dispatch at 480.397.9659 for minor vehicle emergencies or jump start.

Uber/Lyft/Car Service

Car services may not be a permanent guest on resident accounts and must provide photo ID or Verbal Verification Code each visit.

Pick-up appointments

Resident should inform Community Patrol of the appointment and ensure that the driver has resident’s first and last name or address for pick up. At unmanned gates, driver will be permitted entry by the resident.

Drop-off at manned gates

Community Patrol will ask for a Verbal Validation Code or photo identification.

Drop-off at unmanned gates

Resident will input their gate code.


East Gate

9820 E. Thompson Peak Parkway
• Gate transponders issued here
• Access for DC Ranch Country Club

West Gate

9290 E. Thompson Peak Parkway
• Access for DC Ranch Country Club


10321 Windgate Pass Dr.
• Lost and found
• Access for Silverleaf Stone House

For unmanned gates, contact the East Gate.


10171 E. Horseshoe Canyon Dr.
• Access for Silverleaf Club


9889 E. Parkside Ln.

Icon Gate

18720 N. 101st St.