Residents must create a CivicRec account to register for all activities in the community. Visit the calendar for event details and links to register.

Please email communications.team@dcranchinc.com for assistance.

There are four villages within DC Ranch: Country Club, Desert Camp, Desert Parks and Silverleaf. Click here for a map that shows the location of each village.

Click here to download the map or visit the kiosks available at both Community Center locations.

Community Patrol can be of assistance 24-hours a day with a variety of services, including: snake removal, property checks, if you are locked out of your home or need assistance with your vehicle. The dispatch number is 480.397.9659. If you have a life-threatening emergency, always call 9-1-1.


All trash in DC Ranch is collected by the City of Scottsdale.


Yes, both community centers in DC Ranch offer a variety of options for meeting space and celebrations. The pool cabanas are also available for rent. Visit the Facility Rentals page for details, or call 480.565.1746 to schedule a tour.


Parks are available for use until 10 p.m. Please clean up after the event and be respectful of neighbors. Streets need to be accessible in case of emergency. We also recommend contacting the Landscape Manager at 480.585.8654 to make sure sprinklers won’t dampen your party.

The property owner must complete a Tenant Registration Form so that the tenant is entered into the database and key fobs are issued.


There are required forms and a series of rules the Realtor should be aware of regarding signage and open houses. Please visit the Real Estate section for more information.

HOA Addendum and Home Resale Form

Call 480.977.1299 for assistance with home and landscape questions.

In addition to actively run resident clubs, DC Ranch provides board opportunities with the Ranch Association, Community Council and Covenant Commission. There are also several resident volunteer groups and annual events to participate in. Learn more. These are announced through our weekly emails and communications. You may also email info@dcranchinc.com for more information.

Have a question that we didn’t address here? Please email communications.team@dcranchinc.com and someone will get back to you shortly.