Home & Landscape Changes

All exterior home and landscape modifications, including the backyard, must be reviewed and approved.

Please click the sections below for further instruction and required forms.

The review and approval process can take up to 10 days. A paint modification submittal is comprised of:

  • A completed Paint Modification Request Form
  • All required supporting documents and materials
  • The appropriate submittal fee payment, if applicable.

Paint Modification Request Form

For questions regarding paint modifications or paint choices:
Email   Vincent.Muldrow@dcranchinc.com
Phone  480.419.5305

The following neighborhoods have original builder-approved color schemes on the Sherwin Williams website. However, residents may always submit alternative paint selections for approval.

Parcel 1.11 Maracay
Parcel 1.11 Maracay Desert Haciendas Book 2
1.13 Terrace Homes West
1.14 Terrace Homes East
1.18 The Estates
2.09 Pioneer
2.10 Montelena
2.15 Rosewood
2.17-2.19 The Haciendas

The Ranch Association modification review and approval process can take up to 30 days depending upon the scope of the project and completeness of the submittal. A complete modification submittal must be received at least 7 business days prior to a scheduled meeting and include:

  1. A completed Modification Request Form
  2. All required supporting documents and materials
  3. Photos of existing site area to be modified
  4. Payment of appropriate review fee, if applicable
  5. Notify neighbors of exterior changes, if applicable


Modification Request Form – Ranch Association
Modification Review and Approval Process
Submittal Requirements and Supporting Documents
Design Review Fees
Neighbor Notification Form

For questions regarding modifications:
Email  Larry.Cowles@dcranchinc.com
Phone  480.419.5301

The Covenant Commission Modification Request form lists required information needed in order for your application to be considered complete. All modifications over 100 square feet require a design review fee, which is broken down by square footage.


Modification Request Form – Covenant Commission
Design Review Fee (by sq. ft.)

Modification Preconstruction Documents

These forms are required once a modification has been approved, prior to any construction work starting.
Preconstruction Checklist
Builder Agreement
Color Material Inspection Request
Landscape Preconstruction Meeting Request
Final Inspection Request
NOS Declaration
NOS Exhibit A Example
Construction Regulations
Construction Hours and Holidays

For questions regarding modifications:
Email  ccm@dcranchinc.com
Phone 480.563.3284

builder construction guidelines

The Standards for Landscape are the guidelines residents should use for maintenance of their property. Click here for various resources including brochures, landscape zone maps, approved and prohibited plant lists.

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