Signage and Open Houses

Refer to these guidelines for posting signage and scheduling an open house.

Only one “For Sale” or “For Lease” sign may be placed on the listed property and shall not be placed in a manner which interferes with the maintenance of common areas or creates a risk to public safety. Signs may not be placed or mounted on common walls or in common areas. The real estate sign must be commercially produced and mounted on industry-standard posts, typically 4″x4″ or 3″x4″ in dimension and constructed of wood or other industry-standard materials. No circular sign posts are permitted. Signage shall not exceed 18×24 inches and may include two riders not to exceed 6×24 inches. The second rider is permitted to display “Sold” or “Sale Pending” status only. The distance from the top of the sign to the ground should be less than 60 inches. Flyer boxes/tubes and non-permanent decorative accents, such as balloons, flyers or air-blown figurines are prohibited. “For Sale” signs must be removed with 72 hours of close of escrow. One “Open House” sign may be displayed on an owner’s property during open house hours in addition to the “For Sale” sign.

All open houses in DC Ranch must be registered with the Ranch Association prior to the showing by filling out the form below. Open houses may be conducted within the community between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The Ranch Association assists with marketing open houses by providing directional maps at all manned and unmanned gates. At unmanned gates, the maps are located in the mailbox directly below the gate callbox. For inclusion on the maps, the open house form below must be received 48 hours prior. For Open Houses scheduled for Saturday through Monday, the deadline to be included on the maps is Thursday at Noon. For questions, email or call the Realtor Hotline at 480.419.5312.

One “Open House” sign may be displayed on an owner’s property during open house hours in addition to the “For Sale” sign.

Gate and alarm codes may not be posted at any of the unmanned gates nor listed on the Multiple Listing Service to protect the privacy of residents. For open houses in sub-associations, please contact the property management company.

This form is for listing agents only who have a current resale contract and MLS number.

DC Ranch offers Realtor™ or broker tours daily between 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. A Realtor or broker tour is defined as 10 or more vehicles entering a gate on the same day for the same listing, viewing multiple listings on the same visit, or requiring access to multiple gates during the same visit. A minimum of a week’s notice is required to alert Security for access. Tours may be conducted as a group procession or during a set time with a predetermined route. For additional assistance, or for tours sponsored by a third party, please email