Contractor Gate Access Transponder Application

Builders and contractors working on a new home under construction in DC Ranch will need to submit the Gate Pass Application form below. This form is for vendors working on new homes under construction. Both the driver and vehicle must be present for issuance of the gate pass. A valid driver’s license and current registration and insurance must also be provided. After submission of the form, please proceed to the East Gate at 9820 E. Thompson Peak Parkway to pay the fee. The Gate Pass must be installed by a Gate Access Guard. All forms of payment are accepted.

Vendors have the option to purchase a day pass ($5 per day, per vehicle) or annual pass ($50 per vehicle).

All workers at a construction site are required to have either a day pass or an annual pass. Day passes are great for workers who will only be going to the construction site once, or going for an hour or so, for just several days. The day pass allows for quick entry through the guest lane. It must be displayed on the rear-view mirror at all times. Improper use of the day pass may result in removal from the site and loss of gate pass privileges.