Development of Land east of Pima at 101

DC Ranch Engagement Plan for Development of the land at 8888 E. Bell Road – View Here (Plan to be discussed and voted on by Community Council Board of Directors on Jan. 26, 2023.)
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What is happening with the land east of Pima and the 101 Freeway, assigned the address of 8888 E. Bell Road?

In March 2022, the Mack Real Estate Company (Mack Co.) bought approximately 120 acres of state land south of DC Ranch. The land is not within DC Ranch’s boundaries, so the Community Council has no control over its development however they will advocate with the developer and the city on behalf of the DC Ranch community-at-large.

Mack paid $125 million for the parcel, more than $1m per acre. The land’s west boundary runs along the 101 and Pima Road. On the north it is bordered by Trailside View and on the south by Bell Road. The eastern boundary abuts DC Ranch Neighborhood Park, DC Ranch Corporate Center, and the Bell94 Sports Complex.

Close to 100 acres is zoned I-1, Industrial Park, which allows for industrial office and warehouse space. A small portion of land, approximately 17 acres located on the southeast corner, is zoned PRC, Planned Regional Center, which allows mixed use to include commercial, retail, and restaurant. Development is subject to approval by the City of Scottsdale.

In September 2022, Mack Co. shared that they plan to develop the 100 acres zoned I-1 first by building industrial warehouses which is within the current zoning. The buildings would range in size from approximately 50,000 – 200,000 square feet. They indicated that 24-hour per day semi-truck traffic will be part of the operations.

After review by the DC Ranch Community Council, the Community Council Board of Directors determined that the projected development is not compatible with DC Ranch and the surrounding area. The buildings would be massive, have exposed loading areas for semi-truck access, allow for storage outside of the buildings, and continual semi-truck traffic would use Pima Road.

After receiving DC Ranch’s input, the Mack Co. met with the Community Council Board to discuss both their original project, (warehouse buildings) and a mixed-use option that could be possible with a city of Scottsdale zoning change.

After discussion, the DC Ranch Community Council board of directors determined that they are supportive of the Mack Company’s initiative to pursue a concept plan for the north portion of the property that is consistent and compatible with adjacent development, including the DC Ranch community.

The Board encouraged the Mack Co. to begin a process that informs residents and gathers community feedback.

How can residents engage?

DC Ranch residents will be encouraged to engage with City staff, Commissioners and the Scottsdale Mayor and City Council members on the development of the land as it works its way through the city’s design and planning approval process.

How will DC Ranch be involved?

The DC Ranch Community Council will monitor and participate in various meetings and conversations with the developer and the City. Potential impacts, both positive and negative, on the DC Ranch community-at-large will be reviewed and if appropriate, the Community Council will engage with the goal of enhancing positive and minimizing negative impacts for DC Ranch residents.

If appropriate, the DC Ranch Community Council may develop a position on the development of the land and a related message that it will share with the broader community on behalf of DC Ranch.

The Community Council will provide updates to residents in the Public Affairs section on and through other DC Ranch communication outlets, to include notification of opportunities for residents to provide input to the city on their desire to see the project completed in a manner they feel complements the neighborhood.

Latest Updates

Jan. 5, 2023

At the Mack Company’s public open house on Dec. 6, 2022, not one attendee spoke in favor of the industrial development as proposed. Due to this feedback, Mack Company is considering a redesign of the north parcel as a Mixed-Use project. This is the land closest to DC Ranch.

To build a Mixed-Use project, Mack would need to get a zoning change and general plan amendment from the city of Scottsdale. This will only happen if there is strong public support for the Mixed-Use project. In the next 30 days, Mack will hold another open house to introduce the Mixed-Use project and garner public input. All DC Ranch residents will be notified of the date and time of this open house.

The way the project is unfolding, DC Ranch will run two strategies simultaneously, one for Industrial and one for Mixed-Use. The strategies are briefly outlined below. Residents are encouraged to remain informed about and engaged with the project; DC Ranch will assist with that by providing regular updates about the project.

It is important to be realistic – DC Ranch will never be able to get everything the community wants nor make everyone happy. Please keep that in mind as the Community Council works through this time-consuming and often stressful process.

Strategy for Industrial Project:

  1. Mack submitted their industrial plans (large warehouses/distribution centers) for the north and south parcels of their land to the city in late December City staff must confirm all elements have been addressed, and then post them as public documents. As of Jan. 10, no plans have been made public.
  2. The DC Ranch Community Council will write a response to Mack’s proposal and will submit that to the city. We will primarily address matters relating to the north parcel such as traffic, safety, ingress/egress, massing, design, buffers, landscaping, parking, etc. This response will be posted on
  3. The DC Ranch Community Council will push for these issues to be addressed as the project moves through all the city approval processes, to include meeting with city council members to encourage them to support our requests. Residents can also request the same, similar, or different issues to be resolved by the developer/city.
  4. This strategy ensures that should the north parcel be developed as Industrial and not Mixed Use, the Community Council has worked to try to get the best outcome possible for the DC Ranch community-at-large.

Strategy for Mixed Use:

  1. Mack will hold another open house in late January/early February to present a Mixed-Use project on the north parcel. We have encouraged them to utilize The Homestead for the meeting. The Community Council will use all communication tools to encourage DC Ranch residents to attend.
  2. If there is resident support for Mack’s Mixed-Use and more long-term home value for the DC Ranch community-at-large, the Community Council may support the changes needed for the project. If so, we will invite neighboring communities, such as Windgate and Ironwood Village, to collaborate on a joint letter to the city, as we will be stronger together. We may or may not request changes to the project depending on the proposed design.
  3. This strategy may be more fluent as we have yet to see the Mixed-Use proposal, however our intent is the same: for the Community Council to work to try to get the best Mixed-Use project possible for the DC Ranch community-at-large.

Dec. 8, 2022
On Dec. 6 the Mack Company held an Open House to share their plans for an industrial warehouse/distribution center development. The industrial plan, which would create significant semi-truck traffic, was not well received. Many DC Ranch residents and the Community Council have encouraged the developer to pivot to a more compatible use on at least the north portion of the land. The developer said they will bring forward a mixed-use project for consideration. Such a change is challenging as it would require Scottsdale City Council to approve new zoning and a general plan amendment and would likely only happen if there is significant public support for the change. The Community Council will monitor progress on this development and inform residents of opportunities to provide their input to the developer and the city.

Nov. 23, 2022
Residents are encouraged to attend an Open House on the development of 125 acres of land adjacent to DC Ranch and provide feedback to the developer. The land is zoned I-1, Industrial. The developer, Mack Company, is planning large industrial warehouse/distribution centers which will generate significant semi-truck traffic. The DC Ranch Community Council has asked the developer to pursue a more compatible use for the north portion of the property. It is important that residents also weigh in.

Open House
Dec. 6, 5:30 p.m.
McDowell Mountain Marriott
16770 N Perimeter Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85260