Development of Northeast Corner of 94th Street and Bell

DC Ranch Engagement Plan for Development of the Northeast Corner of 94th Street and Bell – View Here
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What is happening with the land at the Northeast corner of 94th Street and Bell?

On March 16, 2022, the City of Scottsdale held an auction to sell approximately 40 acres of land they owned at the northeast corner of 94th Street and Bell. The legal address is 9402 E. Bell Road. The north boundary of the land abuts DC Ranch’s Desert Haciendas neighborhood.

The minimum bid was $42.7 million and American First Builders was the only bidder. They have a 90 due diligence period to complete the sale.

At the time of the auction, the buyer is not required to disclose their intended use for the land, nor when development may take place. It is possible that a new owner will request a zoning change on the land.

American First Builders is a custom residential homebuilder that offices in the DC Ranch Corporate Center and has built homes in DC Ranch’s Silverleaf Village.

The land is currently zoned R-7, which is one residential unit per 7000 square feet. R1-7 zoning is intended to promote and preserve urban single-family residential development and allows for one single family home per 7,000 sq ft lot. The principal land use is a single-family dwelling. Uses incidental or accessory to dwellings, recreations, religious and educational facilities are included.

How can residents engage?

DC Ranch residents will be encouraged to engage with City staff, Commissioners and the Scottsdale Mayor and City Council members on the development of the land as its works its way through the city’s design and planning approval process.

How will DC Ranch be involved?

The DC Ranch Community Council will monitor and participate in various meetings and conversations with the developer and the City. Potential impacts, both positive and negative, on the DC Ranch community-at-large will be reviewed and if appropriate, the Community Council will engage with the goal of enhancing positive and minimizing negative impacts for DC Ranch residents.

If appropriate, the DC Ranch Community Council may develop a position on the development of the land and a related message that it will share with the broader community on behalf of DC Ranch.

The Community Council will provide updates to residents in the Public Affairs section on and through other DC Ranch communication outlets, to include notification of opportunities for residents to provide input to the city on their desire to see the project completed in a manner they feel complements the neighborhood.

Latest Updates

December 2023

The City of Scottsdale has approved the new 52-lot residential community to be built at the northeast corner of 94th Street and Bell Road. At the request of DC Ranch, and stipulated in the Development Review Board (DRB) approval, trees will be added along the northern portion of the property as a buffer to the Desert Haciendas neighborhood and the path that led out of the new subdivision to the north will be removed. Also, the pathway along 94th Street from Bell Road north to DC Ranch’s property line will be reinstated. When funds are available, the Community Council will add a “connector” to enable residents to walk to Bell Road. Grading and construction is slated to begin in spring of 2024.

August 2023

The developer recently met with Chris Irish, DC Ranch Director of Public Affairs, to discuss the comments the Community Council had submitted to them. The developer reviewed how their revised submittal to the City of Scottsdale addresses most of DC Ranch’s concerns. Because of this, the Community Council, on behalf of the DC Ranch community-at-large, will support the project when it goes before the city of Scottsdale’s Development Review Board.

Here is a short recap of DC Ranch’s requests to developer and status (in green):

  • Hold a public Open House – the developer said they will do this once the homes are designed.
  • Eliminate path and pedestrian gate that exits property on the north – it has been eliminated.
  • Explain FEMA and ESL adjustment requests and their impact on DC Ranch – developer will use same requirements DC Ranch used when developed.
  • Participate in Firewise program – the developer may be considered down the road.
  • Do not build two story homes on north lots – the developer will not guarantee this, however the lots on the north portion of their land are large, from 1/3 to 1/5 acre, so there is ample space for larger one-story homes (reminder that DC Ranch has two two-story homes along this area).
  • Keep 30’ back setback on north versus 25’ that is required – all lots will have at least the required 25’ rear setback, some will be larger due to open space in the project (DC Ranch owns approx. 10’ of land on the south side of our perimeter wall that will also serve as a buffer).

Residents will be informed when this project has been scheduled for a city of Scottsdale’s Development Review Board hearing so that they understand how they can give their individual comments to the board if desired.

May 2023

On behalf of the DC Ranch community-at-large, The Community Council has submitted comments to the developer and City of Scottsdale regarding the development of approximately 40 acres at the southeast corner of 94th Street and Bell. This land is not part of DC Ranch. The applicant plans to develop a 55-home residential community under the current zoning.

These comments were developed after reviewing the developer’s application, sharing the application with DC Ranch residents and seeking their input, a site visit, asking questions of the applicant’s representatives and meeting with the city’s planning department.

It is the Community Council’s hope that the developer will address some, if not all of the comments, prior to their City of Scottsdale Development Review Board (DRB) hearing. If not, the Community Council will share its comments publicly at the DRB meeting.

Residents may submit their individual comments to the city and developer, and can do so here:

Developer contact, Alex Stedman
City Contact, Meredith Tessier

Jan. 17, 2023

American First Builders recently submitted their development plan to the City of Scottsdale. You can read the full proposal here.

This land is not in DC Ranch, so the DC Ranch Community Council has no direct control over its development. However, the Community Council will monitor the development through the city’s approval process and make comments on behalf of the DC Ranch community-at-large.

The Community Council will look at safety, traffic, buffering, massing, lighting, landscaping, design, etc. The Council welcomes resident input. If at any time during this process you would like to add a comment for the Community Council’s discussion or be added to an email list for updates, please email Chris Irish, Director of Public Affairs.

In addition, residents will be informed of opportunities to submit personal comments to the city throughout the process. The developer is not required to hold a public Open House but if they schedule one, residents will be informed of the date and time.

October 2022

American First Builders had their pre-application meeting with City of Scottsdale staff to discuss drainage, grading, access and other construction elements that will impact layout of the homes on this 40-acre parcel. The land is zoned R-7, one residential unit per 7000 square feet, and currently there is no zoning change request planned. A site plan should be developed and publicly available in the next few months. The purchase price for the land was more than a million dollars per acre so the homes will be high-end.

May 2022

The sale was finalized at the May 3 Scottsdale City Council meeting. The new owner, American First Builders, is seeking an equity partner. The zoning allows for one home per 7000 square feet. In a meeting with DC Ranch staff, American Home Builders said that at this time they do not think they will request a zoning change.

March 2022

On March 16, the City of Scottsdale held an auction for approximately 40 acres they owned at the northeast corner of 94th Street and Bell. American First Builders was the only bidder at the minimum bid of $47 million. American First Builders is a custom residential homebuilder that offices in the DC Ranch Corporate Center. They have built homes in DC Ranch’s Silverleaf Village. The City of Scottsdale allows for a 90-day due diligence period to finalize the sale. The land abuts Desert Haciendas on the north.

January 2022

At its Jan. 27 meeting, the Community Council Board of Directors approved the Engagement Plan for the Land at 9402 E. Bell Road.